AI powered Product Development
Improving Stiffness
Nordic Ski

Deflection under Reference Load featuring
transparent Display of undeformed Structure
Ensuring Durability
High-Speed Wind Turbine

Stresses due to Wind Pressure & centrifugal
Reducing Vibrations
Alpine Racing Ski

Torsional Mode featuring Design/Topology Detail
Optimizing Acoustics
V12 Power-Unit

Structure born Noise feat. Bottom View of
Front Area
Providing Safety
Cargo Van

Crashworthiness featuring Crashbox Detail
Empowering Digital Twins
Tooling Machine

Assembly with transparent Display of
Table, longitudinal Sledge & Operator

Engineering Excellence...


...born in Graz, and raised in Munich & San Francisco, payerconsulting is one of the world's best engineering consultancies, godfather of neural Networks* for product development, and strategic R&D partner of market leaders from different industrial areas.     PDF >>

So, let me invite you to explore our site, and feel free to contact us for details of our services & software portfolio.

Erich Payer



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