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...our evolution Open Source Simulation Project (‘eOSSP’) has been designed to be a key driver for developing better products faster & at reduced costs!

The eOSSP builds upon evolution-fea® (‘e-fea’), the Finite Element Kernel which was born out of the AK32 Task Force "Engine Simulation" of the German car makers Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche & VW, and upon an Open Source Business Model.
e-fea/nN Spotlights :: Model Building and Analyses of Stiffness, Durability,
Vibrations & Acoustics feat. nonlinear Dynamics   (click to enlarge Pics)

The e-fea Kernel comes with highly advanced pre/post-processing and analysis features, e.g. batch meshing, parallelization, nonlinear dynamics & more...

...and, e-fea features game-changing neural Network ('nN') Solutions* which enable you to easily generate/process training data, and rapidly train & deploy nN for instant design variations with ‘live’ predictions of mechanical properties - on any PC or Notebook, and off the Cloud!
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                                      Images & MP4s
                                      Vibrations of an Alpine Racing Ski**
                                      CAD Assembly of a Tooling Machine
                                      Stiffness of a Formula-Student Race Car
                                      Durability of a Ship Propeller
                                      Normal Modes of a Fridge Compressor
                                      Nonlinear Dynamics & Durability of an I4 Crankshaft
                                      Nonlinear Dynamics & NVH of a V12 Engine

                                      ** e-fea/nN GUI on Windows Desktop featuring
                                      San Francisco MOMA & eOSSP Backbag